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At the start of the Scrambler myth, the road bikes were provided with on-off tyres, radial wheels and adapted suspensions to face tracks at full speed with the sole aim of enjoying maximum riding fun.

Super Scrambler’s DNA is founded on this concept, to then supersede it by uniting the fascinating Morini Scrambler 1200’s indomitable and rebellious spirit, the first heritage of the big engines from the year 2000, to the Milano’s style and sophisticated elegance.

The construction care is exquisitely artisan, and it is entirely built in Italy with the best materials and a refined taste for detail. From ignition to top speed, comfort and stability accompany the motorcyclist in the Super Scrambler saddle. The typical off-road set up joins with a more suitable use on asphalt, thanks to elements such as road suspension settings and Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR on-off tyres.

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A charisma which seduces even before getting into the saddle: on the Super Scrambler the details become fundamental, including accessories. From the care of every single aspect comes this motorcycle, which is the perfect companion for an unconventional lifestyle. No other big engine motorbike today offers the same riding experience: eclectic, comfortable and totally analogical, pure and essential, fully respecting the Moto Morini philosophy. A motorcycle which does not shy away from comparisons, and which in its essential nature exalts the rider’s skill on the bike’s power just like second world war fighter planes, which are still beautiful to see today, and which inspire its livery.


1.187 cc, four valves, liquid cooling, block cylinders in the engine crankcase, twin-cam power supply, aluminum alloy heads with 10% silicone: the Bialbero 1200 CorsaCorta merges some typical traces of traditional Italian engines with innovative ideas. Like the mixed solution chosen for power supply, with the cam-shafts governed by two opposing chains moved by a common shaft which passes through the cylinder V.

The angle between the cylinders endows the CorsaCorta with perfect balance, so as not to require counter shafts, helping to reduce sluggishness, enabling higher revs to be achieved. Moreover, the 107mm record bore allows for the use of valves which are large enough to release the twin-cylinder even at high rev speeds. In fact, riding the Bialbero 1200 CorsaCorta shows a bold and constant power supply right up to the limit, different from other twin-cylinders which suffer at higher rev speeds. Its character is unique and the power it delivers is just right to enjoy every kind of trip, while making its excellent chassis work while cornering. The Bialbero 1200 CorsaCorta was made to give pleasure while riding. You don’t learn about it from technical details: you need to get into the saddle and start it up to fall completely in love.


Length x width : 2120x930

Wheelbase : 1500 mm

Dry weight : 202 kg

Seat height : 830 mm


Frame : steel

Swingarm : aluminium


Front brake : Double disc 320 mm, floating calipers, 4 pistons

Rear brake : Single disc, 2 pistons

ABS : BOSCH ABS 9.1 Mb (switchable)

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