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Frequently Asked Questions

Who established Moto Morini motorcycles?

Founded in 1937 by motorcycle racer and designer Alfonso Morini, who opened his small firm in Via Malvasia in Bologna, Italy.  The Moto Morini brand earned a reputation for building affordable motorcycles of quality, performance and unique style.


Where are Moto Morini motorcycles developed?

Moto Morini headquarters are in Milan, Italy where motorcycles are designed, engineered, and tested according to our strict styling, performance, and quality.

Was Moto Morini ever involved in racing?

In 1948, rider Umberto Mascetti wins the Italian Championship on a Moto Morini 125. In 1949 Moto Morini enters the World Championship on a new GP motorcycle and goes on to win several National Championships along with the GP at Monza in 1951 with rider Emilio Mendogni. Racing continues into 1967 with 175cc racer Angelo Bergamonti (1967 Italian Championship winner) and 250cc racer Emilio Mendogni who goes on to win the prestigious Sheel Cup in Imola.


Does Moto Morini have a USA headquarters?

Moto Morini USA is located in Irvine, CA with offices for sales, marketing, parts warehouse, shipping, and warranty. Motorcycles are also warehoused in Southern, CA.

Does Moto Morini inventory replacement parts?

The Moto Morini facility in California stocks a full inventory of replacement parts for all models.

Where are Moto Morini motorcycles manufactured?

Moto Morini motorcycles are built in our 2.5 million square foot ZNEN Tier 1 factory based in Taizhou, China with 27 years of motorcycle building experience.  While all motorcycle development, engineering, and testing are maintained at our European headquarters in Milan, Italy.


What does SEIEMMEZZO mean?

Pronounced “say-eh-mezzo” the term means 6 1/2 which denotes the 650cc parallel twin engine used in the X-Cape, SCR and STR.


What does SCR and STR stand for?

SCR stands for Scrambler and STR stands for Street.

Are the motorcycles covered by a warranty?

All Moto Morini motorcycles are covered by The Best Warranty in Motorcycling. 3-Years Unlimited Mileage.

How do I find an Authorized Moto Morini Dealer?

You can find all USA Authorized Dealers using the FIND A DEALER button on our website.

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