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Discover the Moto Morini Factory

The premier motorcycle manufacturer Moto Morini, with a rich 85-year history and pioneering spirit is an emblem of Italian excellence and prestige in the world of motorcycling.


Thanks to its constant bond with tradition and a powerful sense of innovation, Motor Morini produces motorcycles of the highest quality which are a synthesis of technological progress, extraordinary performance and attention to detail combined with impeccable Italian engineering and design.


Our Factory


In the factory showroom, the innovative Adventure X-Cape and the extraordinary Seiemmezzo are displayed next to Moto Morini classics of the past such as the Super Scrambler, Milano, Maxi and Corsaro ZZ and ZT.

Innovation, precision, quality and famous Italian design and the passions of the Moto Morini development team.


Our Brand

The history of the Moto Morini brand is that of inspiration. Our mission is to inspire riders with great motorcycles that heighten their enjoyment of riding. High quality, technical innovation, world class performance, reliability, comfort and flawless Italian design are the hallmarks of Moto Morini.


We are always focused on the pursuit of elegance and style. We are constantly exploring new innovation and technical advancements to create improvements in performance and overall quality. 


Collaboration leads to creative thinking and innovation that inspire the next legend motorcycle from Moto Morini. 


With a rich and intricate history of over 85 years of motorcycle excellence, the Moto Morini journey that has continues to evolve and inspire. 

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