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Moto Morini even stronger, Alberto Monni confirmed to the management as general manager

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

The historic motorcycle manufacturer Moto Morini, emblem of Made in Italy excellence and prestige, continues its process of consolidation in the Italian and European market, confirming the managerial role of Alberto Monni, now appointed General Manager of the Company, after almost four years of the significant asset as Deputy General Manager. With almost fifteen years of expertise in the motorcycle sector and an authentic passion for the two wheels, Alberto Monni is a historical resource of Moto Morini, then arrived at the helm of the Company in 2018, considerably contributing to the European relaunch of the brand after joining the Zhongneng Vehicle Group.

In these years of mandate, the brand has seen a decisive expansion of the dealers’ network, more than doubled in Italy, and above all of its range, with the introduction of well-known models as the X-CAPE 650 cc, an effective market success, and soon of the SEIEMMEZZO. With this further endorsement of his effort, Alberto Monni more strongly intends to pursue the growth objectives of the past years, foreseeing a decisive increase of the motorcycles range within the next three years – the introduction of the 1200cc engine in Euro5 is expected. Monni’s role is fundamental in monitoring development, design and quality of products, an activity directly followed by the Italian headquarters.

Alberto Monni, now General Manager of Moto Morini, speaks: “I am honoured by this new title, which is for me a confirmation of the achievements of these years – achievements that would not be possible without a strong and skilled team, from the technical and development departments, up to the commercial and marketing units. The main purpose of my mandate is the further strengthening of Moto Morini in the European market, an important challenge that the brand is now ready to face. Over the years I have tried to create in Moto Morini that positive and collaborative atmosphere that is the basis of any successful business. The team of professionals who work alongside me well represents this spirit, and I can only be pleased with what has been done so far. The results that the newcomer X-CAPE is achieving are there for everyone to see, and they are a real incentive to do even better in the near future

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