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Moto Morini, activates a collaboration with the Bergamo rider Luca Marcotulli, for a cycle of Advent

Moto Morini is collaborating with the Bergamo rider Luca Marcotulli, for a cycle of Adventuring Experience training courses that will be held from March 2022 until the end of the year. Luca Marcotulli, an enduro rider born in Bergamo in 1989, began his motorcycle adventure from a very young age and then joined the Italian Team of the Italian Motorcycle Federation in 2008 as a professional rider. His palmarès consists of numerous trophies in the main national and international enduro competitions. From 2016 he has begun his activity as a Trainer of enduro, maxi enduro and twin-cylinder riders. Marcotulli will use the exclusive X-Cape 650cc provided by Moto Morini for the courses, which will be split into 9 Training Experiences on a monthly basis and in different locations each time.

The first appointment is set for the weekend from March 18th to 20th in Tuscany. These courses are addressed to all lovers of off-road driving, at any level, who want to increase their technical skills and make an experience of conscious Adventuring. This collaboration reaffirms Moto Morini’s commitment and attention to raising riders’ awareness to safe driving, especially in off-road contexts. Hence their choice to support these training courses, involving the participation of experienced professional riders, who can convey to motorcyclists their best practices and foresight, so as to drive with caution but without giving up fun.

Alberto Monni, Vice President of Moto Morini speaks: “Luca Marcotulli is a more than experienced enduro rider and a passionate professional trainer. We are proud that he will be using our X-Cape for its courses. A motorcycle experience is more enjoyable when you know the vehicle, and we, therefore, believe that this is a precious opportunity for adventure lovers.” Luca Marcotulli, enduro rider and trainer, replies: “The Moto Morini X-Cape 650cc is the perfect vehicle for my training. It is a versatile, fun, and comfortable crossover, suitable for new Adventuring enthusiasts who aspire to off-road experiences. I am then happy to collaborate with this historic brand precisely because I embrace its philosophy: I deeply believe in the value of knowledge and safe driving for maximum enjoyment “.

To find out the dates and locations of the upcoming Adventuring Experience events, just follow the Instagram channels of Luca Marcotulli (@luca.marcotulli) and Moto Morini (

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