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The X-CAPE is a performance focused, high quality, durable adventure bike with refining handling and impeccable Italian style for the go anywhere passionate rider.

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The large 7” TFT dash screen

The large 7” TFT dash screen is among the largest and easiest to view on the market. The high-resolution touch screen gives the rider complete and easy instant viewing access to necessary information. 
Integrated easy accesses waterproof dual USB ports allows phone connectivity for increased functionality, communication and play list enjoyment. 
The easy one hand adjustable windscreen, allows riders optimal wind and weather defection options for increased riding comfort. The precisely positioned dual LED headlights are exactingly designed for superior high range and crystal-clear sight.  

A full line of durable and stylish accessories such as lockable, lightweight, aluminum Trio bags to maximize storage, bolt on safety bars, heated grips and other functional accessories ready for any adventure.

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