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EVER MORE SPECIAL: MOTO MORINI AT MOTOR BIKE EXPO DEBUT OF THE NEW E-BIKE RANGE Moto Morini returns to the Motor Bike Expo in Verona, from 18 to 21 January 2018. In November, on the occasion of Eicma, the launch of some of the next new products from the Moto Morini, Milan and Scrambler 1200 production; now, at the Motor Bike Expo, it is the turn of the special versions, signed by the One-Off department but not only. First of all is a version of the new Scrambler 1200 with a livery signed in collaboration with Gulf, the historic brand that has represented the very image of the passion for engines and motorsport. That sporty marriage between blue and orange that has colored the bodies of famous cars such as the Ford GT40 or the Porsche 917, three-time Le Mans champion.

That same car with which Steve McQueen brought the most famous 24 Hours in the world to the big screen in 1971, the years in which the passion for engines was visceral and smelled of petrol and risk, the same period in which Moto Morini conquered the world with models like the 3 ½. And from this the designer Angel Lussiana drew inspiration to create the Milan, also present at the Motor Bike Expo in Verona. The designer, in his stand, will also exhibit the maquette on which he created the style of the new bare Moto Morini that bears the name of the economic capital of Italy; in addition, this Milan style model will be at the center of one of the Motor Bike Education meetings within the fair, opportunities for in-depth study on issues related to motorcycles which in 2017 involved over 650 students from over 20 institutes and 15 different cities.

In addition to the Scrambler 1200 “Gulf” and the Milano, the Corsaro 1200 ZZ MY2018 and the One-Off Corsaro Ti22 will be back in the spotlight. Finally, a variant of the Corsaro 1200 ZZ signed by the artist Nicola Martini will make its appearance; a motorcycle inspired by the roaring years of the cafe racer, redesigned with refined elegance and the passion that always distinguishes the works of Mr Martini. On the occasion of Motor Bike Expo the Moto Morini e-bikes are also back on the scene, represented by a range of four new models capable of satisfying every taste of the new eco-sustainable urban mobility. The City Bike, with luggage racks and leather bags, the Gravel that combines the appearance of the "fixed gear" with the sport handlebar, the Sport with 27.5-inch wheels and the unstoppable Urban with 26 "tires and eye-catching colors. They all have in common the Zehus “All in one” technology which integrates the motor, battery and electronics into the rear hub; no exposed wiring, no clue that these fascinating bikes are hiding pedal assistance, to move faster in and out of town. Another common feature is the “Frame Block” anti-theft frame: the innovative feature is found in the steel cables covered in rubber and integrated into the aluminum frame which act as a quick and effective anti-theft device.

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