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It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce the next production of Moto Morini Milano in Limited Edition. Moto Morini Milano, since its first appearance, has entered the soul of all those motorcyclists who have seen the same bike they dreamed of as children in the purity of its design; she too, like them, has grown and matured, always remaining true to herself. And she is now ready. With her simple, pure and evocative lines she made her dream again freedom; a style full of that subtle charm that only a product entirely assembled by hand in Italy can boast.

The shape was born from the material to offer the purest and carefree driving pleasure, enhancing the qualities of the trellis frame and the Bialbero Corsacorta engine, a mechanical jewel created by the same Franco Lambertini who was the father of the legendary 3 1/2 . And just like the 3 1/2, considered a precious but not unreachable object, desired by many and still loved by its owners and sought after by collectors, it is easy to fall in love with the Milan too. Equipped with a disengaged and sincere spirit, we have made it a light but stable bike, with a low and welcoming saddle, with an innate propensity to have fun in the curves: with it you travel without stress, making the driving experience unforgettable. unique and satisfying.

The style, created by the designer Angel Lussiana, sees it refer to the lines of the seventies, reinterpreted in modern atmospheres, made up of marked features that however do not forget the elegance and softness of the Italian style. The name wants to pay homage to the place where motorcycles were born and built, that Milan, the economic capital of Italy, where trends are born and where they spread, the place where art and science know how to come together to give life to new and new styles. movements. A city in constant evolution, where fashion sets the standard and where design builds new forms of thought. The traced lines awaken the classic style, but have been reinterpreted thanks to the most recent stylistic features of the purest Italian taste. A choice that has made it possible to create a timeless line, destined to last beyond fashion.

A splendid object created to share with our fans the all-Italian desire to make beauty a fundamental part of daily life. Milan is Italian pride according to the Morini philosophy and style, a combination that distinguishes our work, made of passion, high craftsmanship, taste, attention to every detail and a motorcycle culture and history of over 80 years. Moto Morini Milano Limited Edition will be available in only 30 units delivered by the end of October 2018, several months before the delivery of the series motorcycles and will have a special equipment: plaque bearing the limited series number, aluminum band on the tank, handcrafted saddle embroidered with Moto Morini logo, two-tone mica paint, Rizoma mirrors and arrows for Moto Morini, white rims, motorcycle cover, Moto Morini jacket, Moto Morini helmet. The price of the Moto Morini Milano Limited Edition is € 17,500, in line with what will be the top-of-the-range version of the Milano, normally on sale from April 2019. Interested parties can complete the booking procedure by contacting the company, choose their production number and possibly request specific customizations that we will make directly in the factory.

AUTUMN FAIRS Moto Morini is pleased to invite you to discover our bikes during the next events: INTERMOT, Cologne, from 3 to 7 October, Stand B077 Hall 6 e EICMA (insert logo), Milan, from 8 to 11 November, stand A48 Hall 22.

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