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Easier, friendlier, but still Corsaro: the new Moto Morini Corsaro 1200 ZT arrives on the market. The Corsaro family is enriched with a new model. The acronym ZT indicates the evolution of the Corsaro ZZ towards a motorcycle designed for those Morinists who wish to live an engaging but less demanding experience. In fact, the power (140 horsepower with 11.5 Kgm of torque) of the legendary Bialbero Corsa Corta that distinguishes the production of the historic brand remains unchanged, but the engineers and designers of the Trivolzio house have worked on numerous technical and aesthetic details for to offer enthusiasts a vehicle suitable for a walk with friends, usable in the city, but capable of showing off the enviable determination of the 1200 Morini.

There have been numerous interventions on the chassis, without prejudice to the technical peculiarities of the Corsaro ZZ. The engine, unchanged in power (and still Euro 4) has been softened in terms of delivery, also to the benefit of consumption; the fully adjustable front fork (without DLC treatment) with billet feet, Brembo brakes (4-piston front, single 2-piston disc at the rear) remain, while the rear shock absorber is adjustable in rebound and preload. The adoption of the best Italian components remains unchanged, one of the cornerstones in the production of the Eagle brand. The most evident interventions concern a different distribution of volumes, the tank (smaller and more slender) allows, even with an unchanged saddle, better access to the ground and an easier and more relaxed riding position. The aesthetics also make use of a new round headlight that transforms the vehicle into an instant classic that is beautiful both to look at and to drive. A different positioning of the more inclined instrument panel ensures easier visibility. The front spoiler disappears, which with the smaller front fender contributes to the lightening of the lines, weight and that character of a "gun bike" that characterizes the Corsaro ZZ.

The new Corsaro ZT marks a step forward in the company's philosophy that is increasingly attentive to driving pleasure rather than performance, launched with the introduction of the Euro 4 legislation and the presentation of four new models in two years, testifying to the vitality of the company. : exciting but increasingly accessible bikes. In addition to the work on the electronics, the bike was, in fact, lightened by six kilograms, while several carbon details remained, such as the license plate holder, one of the "pieces of art" that characterize the Corsaro's design and quality. New arrows. All these changes have also made it possible to contain the price of the Corsaro ZT now offered at 15,990 euros f.c. with a three-year warranty, precisely to make Moto Morini production accessible to wider ranks of enthusiasts while maintaining the quality characteristics of the historic company unaltered.

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